Queer to do list: Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

I have now heard someone actually say “not that there’s anything wrong with that!” in life, in reference to a man of his acquaintance occasionally dressing in clothing that is generally sold to women. I couldn’t help but overhear a group of roofers on their lunch break at the Finagle on Boylston. I could be forgetting something – very, very possible – but I can’t remember ever hearing anyone say that phrase in a serious way before. So, I’ve checked this off on my queer to do list.



Life skills in action! Or, in which I do dishes.

Dishes were one of the “life skills” I had to periodically learn in high school. A couple of nights per week my brother and I had to trade off cooking and dishes. This never went particularly well. He would make things that came out of boxes and had ingredient lists longer than could be justified by the picture on the front. I would make things that were too hard for me and included ingredients that other people were resistant to, like tofu. There was always something I wanted to do more than cook dinner, especially since I knew that I had two parents who were perfectly capable of doing it themselves. I was remarkably insufferable when I wanted to be. I hated dishes more though. The pots couldn’t be soaked until after dinner, when there wasn’t really time to let them soak. It seemed like everything we ate couldn’t just be washed. It had to be scrubbed out of the pots and off the plates. There were no scratchy sponges or scrubbing sponges, and not being able to see the bottom of the sink was a horrible, terrible ordeal for my parents. Read the rest of this entry »


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In which pronouns are hard.

“Hello, change sir?”

“Hello, change ma’am?”

“Hello, change ma’am?”

[pause] “Hello, change –?”

The panhandlers in my neighborhood tend not to approach me anymore. But when I go other places, like Copley Square, which has more than its fair share of panhandlers, I get approached more or less as often as everyone else walking by. I tend to get a pronoun a little less often, though.


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An illustrated recipe: hummus grilled cheese with tomato and basil

a diagram of a hummus grilled cheese sandwich with tomato and basil

a diagram of a hummus grilled cheese sandwich with tomato and basil

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In which my computer is dead and I have coping skills. Further, if brevity is the soul of wit, I am screwed.

I have decided, most likely to the severe detriment of my blog, that any writing is good and that, all things considered, editing that goes beyond approximately 50% of the acceptable minimum of copyediting is not a good fit right now. Also I write very, very long sentences. I write sentences that are on the long side for writing in my field, in which long, convoluted, downright architectural sentences are the norm. With that said, the rambling will commence henceforth.

Life stuff, including health issues, are definitely a huge factor in my lack of blogging for the past couple of years. There are also some other significant factors as well. One of them has been my lack of a computer. I get oddly attached to my computers. I probably get more attached to my computers than those people who sleep with their phones under their pillows. I am fairly sure that this is true because I am one of those people who sleeps with their phone under their pillow, and I am more attached to my computers than I am to my phones. PSA: sleeping with your phone under your pillow may lead to overheating, which may lead to it shutting down so as not to melt or start fires, which may lead to none of your alarms going off, which may lead to sleeping through things, just so’s you know.

Several years ago my Macbook died, and until it was resurrected by the only visibly older than 40 employee at my then-local Apple store, I spent my days and nights wrapped in soft blankets at my girlfriend’s place poking despondently at her Macbook and being sad because it just wasn’t right. Read the rest of this entry »


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There is so much update in this update.

Many things have happened in my life in the last couple of years. It’s almost equivalently true to say that not much has happened at all. At least, it often feels that way. At any rate, since I wrote here last Lily and I have moved twice.

We lived in the North Shore for a little more than a year. We were down to the wire on finding a more permanent housing situation, and there was a building there that was the only place with a wheelchair accessible apartment that was both open and affordable for us. There are a lot of lovely places to live on the North Shore. We lived in one of the less lovely but not as terrible as it could have been places. The building was very nice, although it had significant structural and construction issues that made me concerned about living there long term. We couldn’t both go outside often without people staring- in weird, creepy, and sometimes hostile ways, not “OMG! I love your glasses!” ways.

We were extremely close to the beach, though, which was lovely. I miss that the most, I think. Read the rest of this entry »


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Short Update: our housing situation

Ok, so, things are better. Exterminators and a cleaning crew have been in, and most of the bugs are dead. Centipedes and spiders started coming out as soon as the ants were gone, and while we’re seeing fewer spiders, the centipedes are more of an issue. They seem to be mostly in the basement now, but I’ve been seeing little baby ones on the main floors too. I have what might be described (by Lily) as a serious bug phobia, so while this is admittedly better, it’s still not good. I doubt I could ever live here comfortably, but it’s doable for now, and it’s definitely our best option. I’ve been semi obsessively cleaning, in an effort to keep bugs at bay. But it’s a 1500 square foot house, and I’m only one person with very little energy and a lot of important things that I’m supposed to be doing, so it always feels like a losing battle, even though I know it’s not, really. We even managed to solve the air conditioning problem, sort of, although we ended up having to pay to get one of ours out of storage.

We are actively looking for a new place, to take residence as soon as possible. Lily is primarily in charge of this, and has been working very hard. So, that’s good too. On days when I’ve killed fewer than three bugs, I can think about how this is actually a very nice house. The previous owners made some very nice renovations before selling it to the current owner. There are a couple of points about the house and the grounds that are serious drawbacks, but the yard is gorgeous, and the whole house could be gorgeous if it was just taken care of well. Lily asked me once what I would do if it were my house. I told her I would raze it. My second answer was that I would sell it or rent it out. The basement could be converted into it’s own apartment, and the upstairs rooms could even be rented out if a second floor was to much for whoever was renting the main floor. I can see potential in the place. Tons of it. But I still wouldn’t want to stay here, even though it’s a million times better than it was.

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